Bored at the office

How to motivate yourself to keep working?

Sometimes even when we like our jobs, we don’t feel working on the task at hand. This does not mean you are lazy or irresponsible towards your job, but you might just be having an off day. This happens to everyone, but how do people usually overcome this situation?


To be able to come up with possible solutions, we must first look at some possible causes for not feeling up to the task at hand.

  • You feel overwhelmed or afraid of failing.
  • Waiting to have “enough” information.
  • The task is tedious, boring and repetitive.

These are probably the top causes we need to overcome when we have an off day.

Possible solutions

Overcoming the feeling of being overwhelmed can be approached by not looking at the task as a daunting task and divide it into smaller pieces. Divide and conquer. This will also work on tasks that are new to you, tasks that you might feel like you don’t have the experience to complete successfully. Once you have subdivided the task into smaller pieces start working on the pieces that you feel most comfortable with and leave the tougher ones for last. This will help you stop focusing on how hard the task is and build up the confidence to tackle the most difficult pieces.

Whenever you feel you don’t have enough information remember this: Action cures fear. You know who also agrees with this? Nike with their “just do it” slogan. Just ignore your feelings and get started. I see it like getting in the pool, some people like to do it little by little thinking that it will be easier that way, but I believe in just taking the plunge. I don’t think anyone ever felt 100% ready or prepared for anything.

If you are feeling like the task is tedious or boring, take a short walk. Go get coffee or anything that will get you to step away from your desk and momentarily take your mind off the task at hand. For me, disconnecting 5 to 10 minutes usually does the trick. When I can back to my desk, my mind is fresh and I take a different approach. If you think that the task is tedious and repetitive is because you are more than capable of performing the task, whatever it might be. Bribe yourself, promise yourself that once the task is completed you’ll get to surf the web for 5 minutes or watch the latest video of your favorite “youtuber”. You’d be surprised how well this works.

It’s Called Work for a Reason

Don’t beat yourself up, work can’t be fun all the time. There will be days in which we have to push ourselves through situations like this. Just remember that the first step is the toughest. Once you take the first step, all other steps will be easier to take. I hope this post was at least one bit helpful. If it was, I want to share with you another one of my posts that you might also find helpful and is related to staying productive. You can find it here

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