Have you heard of Drip Campaigns?

Drip Campaigns is an automation system that allows you to send out email content at exactly the day you set it to release. This tool is great for sending out emails in the right moment of sale cycles. You ever wonder how other businesses send you the right email at the right time of the day? That is because over the course of the period they have collected data, consumer behavior, from their customers in when they are more likely to check their emails. No, it does not mean they hacked your email account, trust me.

How to apply to any business

Wondering how you can apply it to your business? This method in how you send out mass emails can be applied to in type of business. First, you should think how to collect emails for example, are they signing to a service, buying a product, subscribing to an eNotification, or giving away some sort free information. Forever you are collecting emails, just make sure you have that set up first. Next, what type of emails do you want to send out to your subscribers? For instance, educational information, how-to tips, or promotional coupons that let your customer know about a sweet deal! However you do it, just look into setting up an email timeline to disburse various types of emails, let say, through the course of at least a month. So your drip campaign can automatically send out two emails a week, giving you the ability to check if your strategy is working.

Look it up online

Remember, this post is just to make you aware of an awesome email tool for your business. There are many video tutorials that show how to get the most out of Drip Campaigns. If you have some sort of email service that takes care of your email blasts, like MailChimp or Constant Contact, check if they offer Drip services. Just by searching online you will find a vast amount of information on Drip Campaigns.

If you have experienced in using tools like Drip. Please share by leaving a comment below.

Do you have company culture?

This is an area that many businesses approach later throughout their growth and expansion. You are probably asking what exactly is ‘company culture’, Wikipedia defines it as – ‘the collective values, beliefs, and principles of organizational members and is a product of such factors as history, product, market, technology, strategy and etc…’. In the early stages of your business, you started with this vision and strategy in how you would take your company to new heights. As you progress, hiring extra hands to help with the workload and daily tasks. It seemed ideal to search the market for someone with talented skills like yourself. In reality, You should thrive in looking for employees that are aligned with your companies vision, values, and strategy. Because this part gives people within your business the opportunity to grow and learn from the companies DNA, the vision, values, and strategy, that makes your employees challenge themselves to grow in unexpected and rewarding ways.

If you have company culture

Many times owners do not take the time to look into their own company behavior. Traditionally, many managers ran a company to execute day-to-day workloads. Employees would show up to work on their tasks and call it quits after 5:00 p.m. But, If you look closely into your employee’s behaviors and see how they interact with one another. Identifying what drives them to perform well or what motivates them should give you leads in what current state culture your company has. Learn how you can begin in aligning the companies vision and values to the existing culture. This process will take time in adjusting to the current culture.

Look how other businesses culture function. Heck, take a tour at facebook or google, since they are leading companies that inspire culture within their organization. However, you do it, just remember this will make your business standout within current and future employees. People will want to be working for you because of the culture your company has to offer.

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Summer heat in California (Central Valley)

If you are someone who lives in the Central Valley of California then you know how hot it can get during Summer season. The record shows high 116’F and average 90’s during July. If your job or business has you out in the field jumping from one job site to another, make sure to wear protected layer of clothes to prevent any sort of sunburn. And yes, drink plenty of water when on the move. On average, an adult should consume about 2 liters or half a gallon of water a day. Take your breaks, don’t just put them on your timecard for record proof. Literary, take your 10-15 minute breaks when dealing with severe hot weather conditions. Many small businesses who provide outside services, for example, pool cleaning, plumber, AC repair, landscaping services, towing services and etc… Start their day early to beat the heat wave. Re-organize your weekly work schedule to prevent working long hours in the summer heat. If you are not a morning person, consider moving your work schedule into the evenings (“if allowable”).

It’s not all work during the summer

Don’t forget to enjoy your summer with family and friends. Many memorable moments happen during the summer time. Take the family out to the lake, or to a steak house. Fire up that grill and slap some ribs onto the grill. Who doesn’t like a backyard gathering? Remember, give time to your loved ones and have a balanced life.

This info does not imply to just California. Many others who deal with summer conditions should consider in actually taking their breaks and drinking plenty of water. Or, think in how to reschedule your weekly work to prevent from working in hot weather conditions.

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Take Charge of your Stress

As a human being, we have responded to stress differently there’re no “one size fits all” in managing stress. We explain stress as if “I just have a million things going on right now” and/or “Things are always crazy around here.” Do you blame your stress on other people or outside events?

Be in Control of Stress

Take charge: of your lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, and the way you deal with problems.  Identify what causes you to have stressed throughout your work day. For example, at your job site is it a particular job task or co-worker that causes you to have stress? Look into specifics why this causes problems: does the job task have a short deadline that causes you to worry about time, does your co-worker constantly ask for assistance in everyday tasks that causes to lose track of your priorities? Making sure to step away from your daily activities in order to effectively find what causes you to stress.

Keep the mind healthy

It does not mean to take on a challenging puzzle, believe it or not doing puzzles only activate certain part of the brain. Many doctors suggest that you take on a physical activity. This causes your blood vessels within your body and brain to dilate which activate certain chemicals that help your neurons stay healthy. Get up from where you are sitting and stretch out those muscles. Find something that will get you outside, like hiking, beach walks, dance clubs, etc… Many say that the mind is shaped by all ideas, experiences, and thoughts that you are exposed. What you choose to consume for your mind will make more-or-less healthy.

Consider looking into someone whom you admire

Is the person that you admire have good behaviors that you would like to adopt into your lifestyle. Ask them what they do on a daily basis, what they are thinking throughout their day. Consider putting the practice in developing new behaviors, because they don’t happen overnight.

Take Action

Remember stress can be managed. You just need to stop and look into your daily activity and identify what is causing you to have it. Consider into talking to someone about your current situation, it will help clear your mind in understanding ‘how’ and ‘why’ you are having stress.

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Any type of business should understand Product-Market Fit

Value is the name of the game. It is the critical part of your marketing efforts. The faster your customer can understand the value, the likely hood of your product has achieved product-market fit.

For businesses who are looking to achieve product-market fit fast, here are three tips:

  1. Understand your Customer

Learning the needs and solving their situations requires time and experience. If you don’t have a grasp of who is your ideal customer, please read a previous post about “Who is your ideal customer?” this will guide you in how to identify your ideal customer.

  1. Focus on one core value about your product or service

Whether you are a startup or have a traditional business, understanding the core value of your product or service is a vital piece in achieving product-market fit. Looking into if your competitors fail to solve problems. Does your product or service solve one major issue that your customers are facing?

  1. Credibility

Having a story is a critical element in creating credible value for your company. People like to connect to a story, it’s the best way to how your customer are going to make sense of your product or services.

For example, check out our blog post “Our Story” regarding how Edifica become a SAAS product for construction contractors and subcontractors.

Product-Market Fit will take your company on a journey of constantly having to change your product or service to match exactly what your customer is looking for. Remember, if your customer can understand exactly the value your company is offering and can explain it back to you. Then you have achieved product-market fit.

If you have been in situations where your company has released a new product or service. And want to get a better understanding of your service or product then this will be the best approach.

Please leave a comment below if you have examples or experience achieving product-market fit.